For those apartment customers with a few rooms only, what can I do?

Shengye is a medium-sized washing plant. It has its own large and bright factory, which is located on the waterfront. Travelers who travel to the beach in summer are their main customers.They are facing 2 difficulties.

There are not so many hotels locally, most are tourist homes built by real estate developers. Wealthy owners usually spend only 2 weeks every summer in their home. So the house is entrusted to a hotel management company for sale and launched on the OTA platform. So their rooms are usually not too many. But linens are expensive.

Another difficulty is that seasonality of their business is very strong. In the winter, their business is less than 30% of the peak season. Although there are hot springs not far from the local area, but hard for them to service.

So they innovatively introduced IoT technology and business models for leasing. After a whole summer of promotion. They have win a lot of customers. They just need the system to help them manage their assets.

Even if there is a dispute for compensation, with the help of the system, the liability for compensation is well divided, because they use a leased business model, they no longer need to sort. Save a lot of production time and achieve the goal of fast delivery.

At the same time, they do not need to work overtime at night and they can process their orders during the day. Meanwhile, they established different transit warehouses and cover a wider area in this way, as result, they are very busy this winter.