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Not only for the promotion of new IoT technologies, but these hospitals also have already applied IoT projects as a practical means of management. In Henan Province, with a population of nearly 100 million people, Zhengzhou has an urban population of 28 million. In order to facilitate the treatment of diseases, the government has built a special medical district. Our IoT technology is implemented in 6 local hospitals, including Fuwai Huazhong Cardiovascular Hospital and Zhengzhou University First Affiliated Hospital.

The machines we put in the hospital will automatically distribute patient clothing and uniform:
Patients or relevant can get the corresponding clothes with the wristband and the system will automatically rent them to them. At the same time, you can put the bill in his account and record whether the clothes are returned; The clothes were recorded in his name with the employee’s ID card until they were returned. If they are not returned, the system will automatically remind you when you pick up or return the work uniform.

We have equipped automatically returns uniform and patients’ clothes. The RFID UHF chip works in all the management processes and effectively helped to avoid the loss. At the same time, the logistics support department also knows whether the automatic distribution cabinet is vacant and whether the recycling cabinet is full. The status automatically shows on the app for logistics department workers. We can easily know the situation of logistics support. There will be no inability to be hospitalized due to a lack of bed sheets and patients’ clothes.

RFID wardrobe for doctors and nurses. Each doctor has his own uniform and each unit has an RFID antenna. Meanwhile, it can make sure that the uniforms are placed in the correct grid for doctors without errors.
We also installed corresponding E-gate and the reader in the laundry plant, then the hospitals know whether the textile has been washed and sanitized.

The pre-operative surgery bag contains surgical drapes & covers and different surgery is for different body part, so the position of the opening is different, it is necessary to classify and manage the surgical drapes & covers to maintain sufficient inventory. The RFID IOT management system can guarantee inventory to avoid surgical delays due to insufficient material preparation before surgery.

Let’s see what problems our system solved in these hospitals: