How does CRH (China Railway High-speed) manage their linens valued at more than 10 million dollars?

There is a large number of railway passengers in China, but it is a big problem to manage the textiles on trains. The textile annual loss is more than $ 2 million in Yunnan Province alone. Managing these textiles has become a major problem for railway companies.

The property of the textile belongs to the Railway Corporation. But the processes of textile circulation are a lot:

First replacement: Railway Logistics Management Company
Outbound use: Passenger
Terminal change: Service staff on the train
Return use: Passenger
Replacement in key stations: Railway logistics management company
Washing and transportation: Washing companies
Warehouse management: Railway Group Corporation
Throughout the complex circulation, textile loss or damage will happen in any above process for lack of management.

We equip the Railway Corporation with hand-held readers and E-Gates for both washing companies and railway management companies. At the same time, the ultra-fast scanning speed allows them to complete the entire train logistics in a short time when the train stops.

Railway losses have been reduced by more than 70% after several months of cooperation. Meanwhile, the handover job is easier between companies.