Medical/hospital laundry management in Liuzhou city

Liuzhou Workers’ Hospital is large-scale general hospital locally. Liuzhou is a heavy industry manufacturing base in southern China. There are iron and steel plants and China’s largest urban transport vehicle manufacturing company——Liuzhou Wuling company.

The hospital introduced the Internet of Things management system for the hospital’s washing and disinfection plant in order to manage the services of the inpatient department and guarantees the logistics of the inpatient department. They built a warehouse in underground parking lot for textile handover with our E-gate. At the same time, the RFID equipment are introduced at the factory to register in and out of warehouses for marking the sterilized linens.

They have a clear logistics material management plan every day through the IoT system. At the same time, the preparation for surgery is more sufficient, which avoids the delay in treatment caused by the untimely supply of surgical auxiliary textiles.

The laundry tags we provide can pass the needle detection equipment of the washing and disinfection factory, and can survive in the disinfection of gamma rays. And achieved to make them at 50% price of other companies.