How does RFID system work in the large laundry plants?

Even if it is already one of the largest washing plants in the local area, the boss Wu still has difficulty solving many problems. He settles disputes every day and spends a lot of time on maintaining customer relationships.

Oneclean is a local “young” washing plant. Unlike the long-history washing plants, they chose the “scale-low-cost” competition. They have two tunnel washer and decentralized industrial washing machines. But the number of large hotels is limited, this means that their fully-automated equipment cannot perform at its full capacity, it is only about half of it. They keep looking for solutions to deal with the small hotels’ order. Even if many workers are recruited, there is still no way to sort out the linen in a short time during peak hours. And they have also tried to lease the linen like western countries, but they paid a high price for this business model because of Chinese business environment. Even though, this does not destroy their determination on IoT technology. After 2 years of running-in. They sewed all the linens for their hotel customers with our laundry tags and equipped 4 sets of automatic sorting equipment.

They bear the cost of all the inputs themselves, but it pays off. Despite saving sorting time, they have further reduced their labor costs.
Now they plan to add AI visual recognition to the device as well to pick out the uncleaned linen.